I wish to write a report with 2 reference lists, one with the references quoted in text, and the other one with my own papers.

I would like the first list to look as usual [1],[2],... but I wish the second list to be like [P1],[P2],...

How can I do this easily?

I was thinking in something simpler. One of the lists is generated with

\begin{enumerate}[label={\bf P\arabic*}] 

and then the entries are listed with

\bibitem{paper1} ...  

so that I can recall them later with \cite{paper 1}, etc.

The list appears correctly labelled, i.e. P1, P2 ..., but when I call a reference using \cite I get [1],[2], which shouldn't be.

Is there a way to get [P1], [P2],... just using enumerate and \cite?

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    How would you like to distinguish between the two lists? There needs to be a way to tell LaTeX which entry belongs to which bibliography? BTW: Do you mean to use biblatex (your question is tagged biblatex, but does not explicitly mention it - plus, you mention bibitem in the title)? What is your current bibliography set-up? Would you be able to post a MWE? – moewe May 4 '14 at 20:19
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    You can give an optional argument to \bibitem, like \bibitem[P1]{somepaper}, does that help? – moewe May 5 '14 at 4:32

Here is an example using biblatex:

enter image description here

  author = "A Author and B Author",
  title  = "First title"
  author = "C Author and D Author",
  title  = "Second title"
  author = "M Author",
  title  = "Third title"
  author = "M Author",
  title  = "Fourth title"



See~\cite{article1, article2}.



Here is a list of my papers. I especially enjoyed writing~\cite{paper2}.


The numeric style allows for prefixnumbers to be set to any string. In the above example, a new refsection is started specifically for the bibliography mypapers.bib, allowing for a separate showcase of your papers with the required numbering format + prefix.

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