I'm writing my thesis and one section is going to be made of an already existing article.

I'm including it with \usepackage{pdfpages} and\includepdf[fitpaper=true, pages=-]{Impactpaper.pdf}.

I'd like to add information about the figures contained in that paper to my list of figures (I have \listoffigures in the frontmatter of thesis).

% TableofContents

Is there a way to do add data in \listoffigures manually?

And also, is there a way to manually add data in the bibliography (citations)?

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    \addcontentsline{lof}{<...>} to add an entry with the page number or \addtocontents{lof}{<...>} to add an entry without the page number. May 4, 2014 at 15:55
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addtolist option is meant exactly for such a case.

Usage (copied from the official pdfpages documentation):

addtolist={<page number>, <type>, <headings>, <label>}

An example (copied from my thesis):

                       3, figure, Schematic representation of the complete condition monitoring process., jps3:fig1,
                       4, table,  Archimedean copulas., jps3:tab1,
                       5, figure, Regions of best performance for different Archimedean copulas., jps3:fig2,
                       5, figure, Fully nested Archimedean copula., jps3:fig3,
                       5, figure, Nyquist plot of the PEM fuel cell impedance., jps3:fig4,
                       6, figure, Measurement sequences in time., jps3:fig5,
                       6, figure, Description of the regions for high and low copula outputs., jps3:fig6,
                       6, figure, Example of current and voltage signals during the experiment., jps3:fig7,
                       7, figure, Evolution of the health index (copula output)., jps3:fig8         

An advice: if you have a comma in your heading, place it in curly brackets (e.g., This is a figure{,} which has a comma in its heading.).


Edit: I just reread the OPs question carefully, and see that he doesn't have TeX source for the figures he wants to document. So my solution is useless for him. I may leave it here for a while - perhaps someone will find it helpful.

This ugly hack works well enough for me, since I don't need the list of figures in the production version of my document. Perhaps @PaulGessler 's solution in a comment above will work better for you. Perhaps I'll use it instead of mine ...

In the preamble:


\captionlistentry{comment: #1}

\captionlistentry{source: #1}

In the text:

\caption{Gasoline Vehicle Label (2013)}
\figsource{Image download from 
\figcomment{We should be able to use this government information
royalty free.}

In the list of figures:

enter image description here

  • You are right, I do not have any tex files for my pdf file.
    – saldenisov
    May 4, 2014 at 20:52

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