How can I exclude the 'main' glossary from the printglossaries macro, since I want to be able to use one format for the main glossary, and a different one for the remaining.

IE I would like to be able to do something like this:

%Print the main glossary

%Print the remaining glossaries

Therefore, in the above, the command \printglossaries should print the remaining glossaries EXCLUDING the main glossary (ie, for example, acronyms, nomenclature, symbols and user defined glossaries)

I also have a 'hidden' glossary, which I use for some internal document nomenclatures, which I don't want printed at all.

At the moment, in the above, the main glossary is duplicated.

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\printglossaries is just defined to iterate over all glossaries using:


This command has an optional argument that can be used to specify a subset of glossaries to iterate over, so instead of doing \printglossaries, you could do:


To just print the glossaries whose labels are foo, bar and baz.

Here's a more generic approach:





\newacronym{abc}{ABC}{an example acronym}








This produces:

Image of all glossaries


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