Really a simple enough question, but I haven't found an answer, so … is there any straightforward way of making the spacing adjustments of ellipsis.sty work with xspace? The package itself has an xspace option, which adds the command to all occurrences of dots, but this seems to come in the way of the spacing, so one needs to use \dots\␣ anyway. I'm not committed to using ellipsis.sty – what I'd like is just proper spacing (for some definition of proper ;)), along with xspace, or some similar mechanism.

Added example

Here's a minimal example to illustrate the behavior:

x \dots x\\
x … x\\
x \dots\ x\\
x …\ x

This also includes Unicode ellipses, which are part of my motivation – the ability to typeset externally generated text directly, without inserting explicit spacing commands.

Here's how it looks:

With xspace

Here's how it looks without the xspace option:

enter image description here

And here, without ellipsis.sty altogether:

enter image description here

The spacing I want is the one I get with both ellipsis.sty and the explicit \␣. But I'd like to get it automatically – at least for the Unicode ellipsis character. It's less crucial that I make it happen for the \dots command.

I guess maybe I shouldn't rely on xspace. Is there any “obviously correct” way to get the proper(?) spacing after the Unicode ellipsis character, though?

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