I have a generated CSV file which has line breaks (newline characters) in values. They are properly quoted. When reading this data with DTLloadrawdb LaTeX complains as those line breaks still breaks the reading. The problem is that I do not know how could I fix this with \DTLrawmap (to change newlines into \DTLpar). Or is there some other way to fix it? I would like to not have to preprocess CSV files outside of LaTeX.


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The datatool documentation seems pretty clear that "each row of a data in an external file must not have a line break" (p.36). The pgfplotstable package can handle linebreaks in CSV files, but only if all cells are enclosed in braces.

  • It may be possible to solve Mitar's problem by changing the value of \endlinechar, and making the corresponding character active, \let (or \def ed) to \DTLpar. I don't know the datatool package, though. Commented May 23, 2011 at 2:52

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