I am trying to build up tabular data using the solution at How do I use the ampersand (&) inside a foreach or conditional (or other group/environment) when building tables?, but not having any success.

There is some expansion issue that I am not able to figure out. I have counters which are declared based on the content of a list and I need to output the value of these counters in the output and hence trying to use \eAddTableTokens. The MWE below yields:

 Undefined control sequence.
 \\  ->\let \reserved@e 
                        \relax \let \reserved@f \relax \@ifstar {\let \reserv...
 l.47 ^^I}



%% This is based on:
%%     https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/165126
    %%% assignments to \@tabtoks must be global, because they are done in \foreach
    %%% variable should always be operated on always locally or always globally

\newcommand*{\MyList}{ABC, DE, FG}%

    % Confirm basic functionality
    \foreach \Entry in \MyList {%
        \AddTableTokens{22 & 44 \\}%
        \multicolumn{2}{c}{Basic Testing} \\

    %%% Processing:
    %%%    Counters get declared and appropriate values are computed, 
    %%%    but for MWE these are all just a fixed number.
    \foreach \Entry in \MyList {%
    %%% Printing
    \foreach \Entry in \MyList {%
        \eAddTableTokens{\Entry & \TempCountExpanded \\}%
        \multicolumn{2}{c}{Actual Use Case} \\

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Commands such as \\ or \textbf don't survive \edef; you need \protected@edef:

  • Well, this certainly fixed it for the MWE. But, in my actual use case I had to eliminate the \\ in the call to \eAddTableTokens and instead add the \\ to definition of \eAddTableTokens. But, I am unable to determine what the actual difference between my actual use case and MWE is that could be causing this. May 8, 2014 at 0:25

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