I am using modern cv casual style. Currently I have personal info (address, street, phone, email) in footer.

Is it possible to have these information in header instead of footer and only in first page ?

  • Welcome to TeX.SX! Could you please provide your current source code (MWE)? By the way, the fancyhdr is the package you are looking for, it is one of the options.
    – Malipivo
    Commented May 7, 2014 at 11:20

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I didn't clean up the code as cleaning up needs lots of re-writing.


\firstname{\textsc{S}} % Your first name
\familyname{\textsc{K}} % Your last name

 %many footer words should have been header for symantec reason but they need lot of rewriting hence I left them as such
        \vspace{\baselineskip}% forces a white line to ensure space between main text and footer (as footer height can't be known in advance)
          \ifthenelse{\equal{\@addresscity}{}}{}{\addtofooter[~--~]{\@addresscity}}% if \addresstreet is defined, \addresscity and \addresscountry will always be defined but could be empty
        \collectionloop{phones}{% the key holds the phone type (=symbol command prefix), the item holds the number
          \addtofooter{\csname\collectionloopkey phonesymbol\endcsname\collectionloopitem}}%
        \ifthenelse{\lengthtest{\footerboxwidth=0pt}}{}{\flushfooter}% the lengthtest is required to avoid flushing an empty footer, which could cause a blank line due to the \\ after the address, if no other personal info is used

\mobile{(+00 000) 0000}
\phone{(+00 00) 0000}
\fax{(000) 111 1113}
\email{[email protected]}

enter image description here

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