I have the following problem with multibib: when I use the LaTeX code


\newcites{J}{\normalsize{Journal publications}\vspace*{0truemm}}
\newcites{C}{\normalsize{Conference publications}\vspace*{0truemm}}
\newcites{R}{\normalsize{General publications}\vspace*{0truemm}}


x \citeJ{dokodurime14} \citeC{pikorihl14} 
y \citeR{dokodurime14} \citeR{pikorihl14} 
z \citeJ{dokodurime14} \citeC{pikorihl14}




then the outcome is:

x [R1] [R2] y [R1] [R2] z [R1] [R2]

but it should be:

x [J1] [C1] y [R1] [R2] z [J1] [C1]

Any idea what I did wrong? The three bibliographies are correct.


The problem relates to initializing the multibib references. I reproduced your problem and found the following solution:

{Journal publications,%
Conference publications,%
General publications}



Initialized this way, the example gives x [J1] [C1] y [R1] [R2] z [J1] [C1].

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