I'm writing my paper using texlive2013.As for me,it is rather annoying to swich between writing and plotting figures.So I'd like to create a dummy figure when I was writing to avoid disturbance and add figures back later.I found a nice solution here:

enter image description here

However,not only were the missing figures,other normal figures were replaced as well.Is there a way to get it around?


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A small workaround, but not perfect for sure (depending on the graphics extension, it might fail) -- I use the \IfFileExists in a slightly redefined \includegraphics command. It test for four extensions (all in lower case) (.eps,.pdf, .jpg and .png)



  }{ % No, no .pdf, try *.jpg 
      \begin{tcolorbox}[width=6cm,height=4cm,arc=0mm,auto outer arc]
}% End of command


\chapter{First one}


\caption{My demo figure}


The mentioned file some_file does not exist at all in my paths.

enter image description here

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