The default ACM style looks like this enter image description here

However, I need the style as follows. The cls of the template can be found here. enter image description here

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The ACM templates present the authors in columns. If you want to display the author information in a single row instead multiple columns, you can: (1) use other latex commands along the defined in the template or (2) use another template.

  • You can use the \author{...} command but including a single line of text or a table, instead of using multiple \alignauthor to create new columns.

        XXX, YYY, ZZZ \\                       % names
        \affaddr{XXX, YYY, ZZZ } \\            % affiliations
        \email{XXX}, \email{yyy}, \email{zzz}  % emails
  • You can see an example of a table inside an \author{...} in another question in stackexchange. They use a tabular in the \author to create a single line for shared affiliations.

  • You can use another template. The sample you provided has an author block similar to the used in the IEEE templates.

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