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I have one master-huge beamer presentation having lots of frames.

Depending on the audience I wish to customize, say, for lay audience I will just include basic slides, for experts I wish to include advanced slides. Not sure if there is such facility in Beamer already, but wish it could be as simple as :

  • I will label each frame, with say, BASIC, ADVANCED , keywords like that...
  • I should be able to compile, by saying \includeonly{BASIC}. This should include all slides marked BASIC.
  • If I say \includeonly{ADVANCED}, only advanced slides should get compiled.
  • Additionally, if I say, \includeonly{BASIC, ADVANCED}, everything will be included.

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The etoolbox package could give you all the control you need, it would require adding a lot of \iftoggle statements if your master Beamer presentation is huge but it offers complete flexibility.

For example you might define your two logical variables BASIC and ADVANCED:



You could then use the following conditionals in your code:

% do some standard (or outline) material [e.g. title page, contents]

    % do some basic material

    % do some advanced material

This would then compile all your standard material AND basic material BUT NOT advanced material.

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