To suppress hyphenation in section names I use \hyphenpenalty=10000 in \titleformat command.

Is there any similar way to suppress hyphenation in figure and table (and longtable) captions?

  • \captionsetup{justification=raggedright} makes unnecessary spaces at the end of line. \DeclareCaptionJustification{nohyphen}{\hyphenpenalty=10000} doesn't work. – kostr22 May 13 '14 at 11:11

The codes you put in the comment work to produce the effect that I think you want.

This image shows the default hyphenated layout in a table and longtable then the same again after declaring captions should be justified with no hyphenation (which gives TeX no choice but to over-stretch the space between Table and the number.)

enter image description here





\caption{verylongwordverylongword verylongwordverylongword }

\caption{verylongwordverylongword verylongwordverylongword }


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