Is it possible to draw a frame around a theorem-like environment ? If possible, I would like to use mdframed.

In the documentation, the general form of the command is given by


I wonder if an appropriate <numberedlike> could do it.

Thanks for your help ;-)


You have two options:

  1. You can define a structure using \mdtheorem which automatically generates a numbered version and an unnumbered one accessed using the starred version of the name (see the definition and use of mytheoi below).

  2. Use \newtheorem* (from amsthm or ntheorem) to define an unnumbered structure and then surround it with an mdframed (see mytheoii below).

The code:








enter image description here


You can use ntheorem as in


This is a remark. It is not framed.

This is a remark. It is  framed.

The type of frame can easily be redefined.

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