How to make the effect of "When I click on Down button on beamer, another sentence appears" ? Do I need to set multiple frames? If yes, how to make all of these frames on the same page ?

How to proceed please?

Thanks a lot!

  • You should use the overlay specifications that beamer supplies. This includes things like \only, \onslide, \pause, ...
    – Werner
    May 13 '14 at 19:45

If I understood your question, you have to use itemize or enumerate.

A code could be:

  \item<1-> stuff that appears immediatly
  \item<2-> stuff that appears only when you press the down arrow on you keyboard
  \item<3-> stuff that appears when you press a second time and so on...
  • 1
    You could add the simpler \begin{itemize}[<+->]\item stuff... \end{itemize}. May 13 '14 at 21:24

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