I have used fancyhdr package for giving header and footer for my report work and to give header and footer for chapter name beginning, I have used this code:


This code works to insert header and footer for chapter beginning. But it also adds header and footer for TOC, LOF and LOT. I don't need header and footer for those. Can anyone help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

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You can define two different page styles: one for the TOC, LOF and LOT and another for the main text.



\fancypagestyle{front}{% style for TOC, LOF, LOT
\fancypagestyle{main}{% style for the mainmatter
  \fancyhead[C]{\slshape \leftmark}

\frontpagestyle% switch to the pagestyle front

\mainpagestyle% switch to the pagestyle main



Switch from pagestyle{fancy} to pagestyle{plain} for the parts where you don't want the headers and footers. E.g. a few lines extracted from my thesis:

%This stuff at the front with roman numbering


%Main thesis text with arabic numbering

This is the main text now

I actually think that the commands \frontmatter and \mainmatter might do exactly this, and I intend to look into that in due course. I'm not sure if they're available in all classes though.

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