is it possible to have something like

\rightline{some short text}

without causing \maketitle to start a newpage, i.e. to have a short text placed top right on the title page, using standard article in latex?


If you do not want to have to redo the whole formatting of the tilte page by hand, you can use the titling package. It defines 4 hooks for the \maketitle command, so that (extracted from the titlingdoc), titling's \maketitle is:

{\pretitle \title \posttitle}
{\preauthor \author \postauthor}
{\predate \date \postdate}

So you could add to your preamble:

\renewcommand\maketitlehooka{\hrulefill some short text

Likewise, \maketitlehookd, lets you add things at the bottom of the title page. As for \droptitle, it is a length that allows adjustment of the vertical positioning of the title.


use the environment titlepage instead of the macro \titlepage:

\hrulefill some short text

  \huge my title 


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