I'm writing an open-source book in two languages (English and Russian) and there are volunteers who would like to help with translation to other languages.

My first idea is simple: let there be conditional commands like \EN{}, \RU{}, \FR{}, etc, for the text for each language. So far so good. But I change some parts of my book continuously, add another text, etc. What the best idea to mark these parts so then translators would pull repository and re-check their translations and/or add new? It's very easy to miss a line in text editor or two...

Well, I probably can rename \FR{text} command to \FRRecheck{} each time I change something, as a flag to French translator.

What if I add new text, maybe I can add command like \FRNeed{} as a flag to translator?

So what do you think? Are there any well-known TeX/LaTeX multilingual open-source projects to get ideas from?


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    Can't people view a diff comparing the English/Russian version last translated with the current English/Russian version? latexdiff might make the output nicer but that's just fancy stuff on top. Or look at how software projects manage this (e.g. how does Mozilla handle this for Firefox?). But basically a diff will highlight the changed lines... – cfr May 17 '14 at 21:46

For books, I suggest to use a translation memory system. For example, an open-source OmegaT: http://www.omegat.org/. As far as I know, this tools supports TeX.

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