I tried to draw the following diagram in LaTeX

enter image description here

I reference the method from here:

I can successfully compile the code from above link, but when I attempted to draw more lines between A and B by modifying the number in the:

\draw[shorten <=-1cm,shorten >=-1cm,-latex] (m-4-2.south west)--(m-4-2.south east);
\draw[shorten <=-1cm,shorten >=-1cm,-latex] (m-7-2.south east)--(m-7-2.south west);

I always got the error message said:

Package pgf Error: No shape named m-5-2 is known.

Any solution for this problem? Thanks.


Use a simple array environment:


\def\XLR#1{\xleftrightarrow[\rule{2cm}{0pt}]{#1}}% \rule defines the width

\begin{array}{@{} c c c @{}}
A  &  & B \\
   & \XLR{\text{KE}} \\
\text{obtain }k,T^A_{\text{KE}} &  & \text{obtain }k,T^B_{\text{KE}} \\
K:= \text{PRF}(k,\text{"KE"})   &  & K:= \text{PRF}(k,\text{"KE"})   \\
K_\text{mac}:= \text{PRF}(k,\text{"MAC"})   &  & K_\text{mac}:= \text{PRF}(k,\text{"MAC"}) \\
   & \XR{r_A} \\
   & \XL{r_B} \\

enter image description here

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