I'm trying do write some vertical text, with the basis line parallel to the z-axis, in the xz-plane...

Here is what I got, and I want the vertical text to be parallel to the z-axis.


Is it possible with an equivalent of the option planecorr=xyrot, but for other planes (like the xz plane in my case) ? Or just a trick to do it, it's fine...

Here is the code I used :

   \pstPlanePut[plane=xz,planecorr=normal](4,0,0){\Large\green\textbf{Vertical Text}}

Thanks a lot


This is possible


   \pstPlanePut[plane=xz,planecorr=normal](4,0,0){\rput[l]{30}(0,0){\Large\green\textbf{Vertical Text}}}
   \pstPlanePut[plane=xz,planecorr=normal](4,0,0){\rput[l]{60}(0,0){\Large\blue\textbf{Vertical Text}}}
   \pstPlanePut[plane=xz,planecorr=normal](4,0,0){\rput[l]{90}(0,0){\Large\magenta\textbf{Vertical Text}}}
   \pstPlanePut[plane=xy,planecorr=normal](4,0,0){\rput[l]{-40}(0,0){\Large\magenta\textbf{Vertical Text}}}
   \pstPlanePut[plane=yz,planecorr=normal](0,1,0){\rput[l]{60}(0,0){\Large\blue\textbf{Vertical Text}}}

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