I want to draw the symbol of my engineering and be able to change the color, anyone can help me with this? enter image description here

  • Just use Inkscape and export to TikZ. Commented May 19, 2014 at 6:12
  • Follow the instructions in Creating Logo with Fancy Font.
    – Werner
    Commented May 19, 2014 at 6:12
  • @ClaudioFiandrino I know this is sort of policy here, and I’m not entirely opposed to it, but now this leaves this question of questionable quality with a score of +3, which seems undeserved to me. Not sure how to handle issues like this, though.
    – doncherry
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  • @doncherry: well, it has 6 downvotes and 9 upvotes, some of them certainly originated from the enthusiasm of the moment (in upvoting a too much downvoted question and viceversa). I don't have clues as well about how to handle this and to some extent I agree with you that this may not deserve upvotes as research question. Why don't you ask a question on Meta (good period this for these tricky questions, see also percusse's one)? Commented Sep 18, 2014 at 18:10

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Run with xelatex and change the colors to whatever you need:


\rput(5,7.75){\textcolor{Yellow}{\psscalebox{7}{\bfseries e}}}
\psline[arrowlength=0.5,arrowsize=0pt 6,arrowinset=0]{->}(3.5,8.2)(3.5,5)
\rput(3.5,1.75){\textcolor{Yellow}{\psscalebox{3}{\bfseries Ingeniería}}}
\rput(3.5,0.75){\textcolor{Yellow}{\psscalebox{3}{\bfseries Electrónica}}}


enter image description here


With tikz:


  \fill[magenta!60!black!90](-3.8,-5.5) rectangle (3.8,6);
  \node[fill=yellow,circle,inner sep=12pt,outer sep=5pt] (a) at (0,5) {};
  \node[inner sep=0pt,outer sep=0pt,text=yellow,scale=6,font=\fontsize{24}{0pt}\bfseries] (b) at (0,-1) 
  \draw[line width=16pt,yellow,] (a.south) -- ([yshift=2em]b.north);
  \fill[yellow] ([shift={(-1em,4em)}]b.north west) -- ([shift={(1em,4em)}]b.north east) --
      ([yshift=8pt]b.north) -- cycle;
  \draw[line width=16pt,yellow] ([xshift=-1em]b.north west) -- ([xshift=1em]b.north east);
  \draw[line width=16pt,yellow] (b.north) -- (b.south);
  \draw[line width=16pt,yellow] ([shift={(-1.5em,0.75em)}]b.west) -- ++(2.5em,0) -- 
  \node[inner sep=0pt,outer sep=0pt,text=yellow,scale=7,font=\bfseries,anchor=south]  at (1.4,3)
  \node[inner sep=0pt,outer sep=0pt,text=yellow,scale=3,font=\bfseries]  at (0,-3.4)
  \node[inner sep=0pt,outer sep=0pt,text=yellow,scale=3,font=\bfseries]  at (0,-4.6)


enter image description here

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