Using R, knitr, and beamer, I have created a pdf that contains a graph for each school in our district. I read in each graph using the \includegraphics command within a /foreach loop. I want to create a unique section name for each school using the R-variable 'school'. I want this section name to appear in the left hand Table of Contents. Relevant code is below. Thanks.

\foreach \i in {1,...,\Sexpr{length(school)}} {%
\section{\Sexpr{school[i]}}    %%% Here is where it is breaking down

You use variable \i, which is TeX variable. The problem is, R knows nothing about it. Since R runs before TeX, your loop never reaches R.

Instead you can make the loop in R. The R code should produce the TeX code. You need to output results in the asis mode, and suppress the code itself.

This works for me:

for (i in 1:length(school)) {  
            i, ".pdf}\n", sep=""))

Each cat forms a TeX line which is included in the TeX file; chunk options make the code invisible to TeX and the results sent 'as is'

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    That is correct. People often mix R programming with LaTeX programming, which is not possible in knitr. R/knitr knows nothing about LaTeX programs. – Yihui Xie May 20 '14 at 16:43

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