I'm sorry if this is already answered, but I'm way out of my league. I'm using a custom style package and it uses \phantom to keep stuff(like the toc) of the title page, but for other reasons I need to use


and the template used


and now the \phantom doesn't work. What can I do? In theory I just need to keep the front page clear (besides the style stuff), besides that it works fine.

From the .sty....

\phantom{Usynlig, men nødvendig}


./Bachelorprojekt.tex:110: Package inputenc Error: Keyboard character used is undefined []

That disappears if the \phantom is removed, so I guess that's the problem.

The whole .sty has not been included - I can't get it to show like code and it's 133 lines,

  • It is not related to the \phantom command but to the characters inside. You need to make sure that your files are saved in the encoding that you specify. (utf-8 if you have a choice as that is the future, the 8bit encodings such as latin9 are really a legacy and ansinew was never a standard encoding at all) But you can use any encoding you like so long as you use the one you say you are using. – David Carlisle May 20 '14 at 11:42
  • Since phantom chars will not show anyway, you can replace your ø by a "o" (I guess they have roughly the same width). – JLDiaz May 20 '14 at 11:43


{\inputencoding{ansinew}\phantom{Usynlig, men nødvendig}}

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