I want to have a wide bar over XY but it just shows a small bar. Any idea? enter image description here

\item In the standard $(x,y)$ coordinate plane, point $X$ has coordinates $(-4,0)$ and point $Y$ has coordinates $(0,-8)$. What is the coordinates of the midpoint of $\bar{XY}$?\hfill
    \item $(-6,-1)$     
    \item $(-2,-4)$ 
    \item $(0,2)$ 
    \item $(2,4)$ 
    \item $(6,-1)$          

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To get an overline, well, just use the \overline TeX primitive!


You might want to add some semantic meaning. E.g., define a macro


and use as


or something similar.

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    A semantic meaning does not make sense here because overline is really clear. Commented Feb 23, 2023 at 11:21

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