I am trying to use the question: How can I set a dark theme in TeXstudio? to load themes created by other users. Unfortunately there are no changes. I do this the following way

  1. Choose Options -> Save profile
  2. I make changes in the file according to the mentioned question under heading [Formats].
  3. I open Texstudio and choose Options -> Load profile and load the changed file.
  4. I quit Texstudio and open it once again.
  5. I make a new document but no changes are observed.

Am I doing everything fine? Do I miss any step? What can cause the problem of not changing? the settings?


There seems to be a bug in the import. As a workaround do the following. Just copy the [formats] section to texstudio.ini replacing an existing section if there is already one. You need to do it while TXS is closed. Otherwise it won't recognize your changes and would overwrite them when exiting.

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