When using the packages mathdesign and heuristica together, small caps don't render properly. Like so:




The output shows lower case letters instead of small caps. Other packages like fourier don't have the same problem, but I would still prefer to use mathdesign. I like the math font better.

Is there a way to fix the conflict, or to grab only the math fonts from mathdesign?

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Write into the preamble:


or use the font setting as provided in the documentation of Heuristica:

\usepackage[varqu,varl]{inconsolata} % typewriter
\usepackage[type1,scaled=.95]{cabin} % sans serif like Gill Sans
  • Thanks, that did exactly what I needed with a small modification: \renewcommand*{\scshape}{\fontfamily{Heuristica-TOsF}\fontshape{sc}\selectfont} . I tried newtxmath also but for some reason it rendered functions like \log or \sin in Computer Modern. It could be my fault since I updated it manually; I'll find out in about a month when TeX Live thaws.
    – Leandro M.
    May 22, 2014 at 7:35

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