Has anyone come across a Beamer theme having Microsoft Metro presentation style, in-built with "Segoe UI" font?


Following my previous Beamer themes based on PowerPoint, I created a Metro style theme, based on the one you linked. It is available at https://bitbucket.org/marczellm/beamerports.

You can ask the theme to load the Microsoft font by passing it the SegoeUI option. It needs fontspec, so compile with XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX.

Interesting parts from the code

For the block width to match the frametitle colorbox, I used the answer from Make frametitle and block the same width in Beamer.

I needed to redefine the logo handling mechanism like this:


in order to be able to put the logo at different places.

I reproduced the navigation symbols from the PowerPoint template with TikZ and hyperref:

\newcommand{\metro@navigation}{% this uses the commands defined in beamerbasenavigation.sty
    \begin{tikzpicture}[white, very thick, arrows=-{Straight Barb[length=3pt]}]
    \draw circle[radius=.25];
        \draw (.18,0) -- (-.18,0);
    \draw (.7,0) circle[radius=.25];
        \filldraw (.62,.08) circle[radius=.05]
                  (.78,.08) circle[radius=.05]
                  (.62,-.08) circle[radius=.05]
                  (.78,-.08) circle[radius=.05];
        \node[rectangle] at (.7,0) {\hyperlinkpresentationstart{\phantom{\rule{.5cm}{.5cm}}}};
    \draw (1.4,0) circle[radius=.25];
        \draw (1.22,0) -- (1.58,0);
        \node[rectangle] at (1.4,0) {\hyperlinkframestartnext{\phantom{\rule{.5cm}{.5cm}}}};
    \draw (2.1,0) circle[radius=.25];
        \node[cross out, draw] at (2.1,0){};
        \node[rectangle] at (2.1,0){\Acrobatmenu{FullScreen}{\phantom{\rule{.5cm}{.5cm}}}};


example frame 1 example frame 2

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