i'm relatively new to latex, so forgive me, if thats a silly one: I'm using miktex and texstudio. I keep getting the following error message, which prevent me from building up or compiling a document

"inputenc: Keyboard character used is undefined(inputenc) in inputencoding latin1'. 0.67bifeo3â inputenc: Keyboard character used is undefined(inputenc) in inputencodinglatin1'. \newblock Développement par compression de l"

They first appeared, when i first cited a certain reference. I understand they are due to certain characters in the .bib file. So i changed the characters in the .bib file with jabref. That didn't work, then i deleted those citations from my document, didn't work either. Now i even started to build up a new .bib file, in which i type everything by hand. But even with that one and all citations removed, i keep getting this error message. Anyone any ideas? Thanks!!!

  • Did you delete the bbl-file and recalled bibtex/biber to create a new one? May 23, 2014 at 11:30
  • i deleted it and that did the trick! thanks! but i can only recall a new one with bibtex. how can i do that with biber? do i adjust that in my texstudio configurations?
    – CLemens
    May 23, 2014 at 12:02

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I think you should check the default encoding used by JabRef. The easiest way to go is asking for utf8 encoding and use biber + biblatex instead of bibtex. Biber understands utf8 and brings may new features, so you'll have no problem with accented letters.

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