I would like to have a long title in tikzposter and have tried to introduce a newline within the \title{} command using \\ and \newline but it does not start a new line. In the old tikzposter class I think that long titles were split among several lines by default. I will be glad to know about any workaround for displaying long titles on several lines in the new tikzposter class.


The problem is that tikzposter puts the title inside a \scalebox thus preventing line breaks. You can recover line breaking placing your title inside a \parbox:


\title{\parbox{\linewidth}{\centering This is a really  really  really  really  really  really  really  really  really  long title for a poster}}
\institute{The Institute}
\author{The Author}




enter image description here


To have long title in \documentclass{tikzposter} I used minipage environment to get centred (\centering) title with a line break (\\), larger vertical space between the lines (\bigskip) and second line of the title on one line (\mbox).

   First part of the title quite long:
   \mbox{second part of the title much much longer than the first}

I used the above together with:


(I'm not completely sure how width of minipage relates to \maketitle width but it works well.)


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