I am preparing my poster for the first time using Latex. I found the tikZ poster sources made by Elena Botoeva, very easy, quick and beautiful. Since my Latex knowledge is poor, I do not know how to make some simple changes in the original source code.

My Goal:

I would like to replace the section of "Institute" which is right after the author name and instead use there "Representing the collaboration of:" and then put two more text column where I can put list of all the institute. For example see my old poster here.

Edit: Thanks for the reply to my question. I made a little search and managed to do multicolumn in the section "\institute" as following:

    \begin{multicols}{2}[\textbf{Representing the collaboration of:}]
    Institute 1 \\
    Institute 2 \\
    Institute 3\\ 
    Institute 4\\
    Institute 5\\
    Institute 6
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    – user31729
    May 26, 2014 at 17:34

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The developer of fancytikzposter has joined efforts with some other collaborators and they have created the tikzposter class. You can use some minipages inside the \institute field to provide the information with the desired formatting:

\title{The Title}
  \itshape\small representing the collaboration of
  Institute of Mathematics \\
  Institute of Mathematics \\
  Institute of Mathematics
  Institute of Physics \\
  Institute of Physics \\
  Institute of Physics
\author{The Author A and The Author B}




enter image description here

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