For a book, I need to be able to extract the cited references from a number of .bib files to make a single .bib containing only those cited.

For this task, I find bibtool extremely useful on linux, but am unable to use it on Windows (XP, 32 bit), because it is only distributed as C source, and I am unable to compile it, lacking the necessary compiler tools. I've tried several times, but keep running into errors I can't resolve.

The author steadfastly refuses to make compiled binaries available, so I wonder if some kind soul would compile it for Windows and make the binary available somewhere, perhaps on CTAN or some other web location.


You can do it on your own!

Simply install Cygwin with its gcc and make packages. Then download the bibtool source from CTAN and unpack it. Change to the directory and run (in Cygwin's bash):



make install

Do don't need the last step, if you put bibtool.exe somewhere in Windows PATH!

It's straightforward! ;-)

EDIT: This link explains how to install Cygwin with gcc & make to execute the above commands.

  • Thanks, that worked, but as you mentioned, only in a bash shell (not MSDOS cmd) Actually, simply putting bibtool.exe on the Windows path is not sufficient. One also needs the lib/*.rsc files, and to set an environment variable BIBTOOLRSC. – user101089 Nov 30 '17 at 15:17

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