$\textfrac{Verkehrsleistung tkm}{Gütermenge t}$

$\textfrac{Outputrate \times Rüstzeit}{1 - Outputrate \times Zeit pro       Stück}$


The first textfraction (and dozen others) works like a charm. The second one throws an error and I have no idea why. Any help is appreciated.


The \times is a math symbol, hence your line should read

$\textfrac{Outputrate \(\times\) Rüstzeit}{1 - Outputrate \(\times\) Zeit pro       Stück}$

(or even in $\times$ if you prefer). Then it works fine. This is of course, because inside \text{...} you are back to textmode and have to - interally - change to math mode again.

  • Thanks, working perfectly now. I will file this under "too easy to spot". – blue_tiger300 May 29 '14 at 4:19

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