I am looking for a way to have a number for every line in algorithmic:

        \caption{Some alg}
            \REQUIRE a,b, c
            \STATE d = a + b + c
            \STATE d = d/2
            \STATE d = d/3
            \RETURN d

I would like to have:

 Require: a,b,c
1 d = a + b + c
2 d = a + b + c
3 d = d/2
4 d = d/3
  return d

According to the manual you can do this the following way:

An optional argument to the \begin{algorithmic} statement can be used to turn on line numbering by giving a positive integer indicating the required frequency of line numbering. For example, \begin{algorithmic}[5] would cause every fifth line to be numbered.

Obviously, \begin{algorithmic}[1] causes a number for every line.

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