I am keeping notes for several (5) projects in Latex.

  • Each project gets its own folder with a set of Latex source files (mostly one main file that inputs the individual chapters).
  • Each project is compiled into one PDF file.
  • I usually work on one project at a time.
  • All projects input a single Preamble.tex in a separate, 6th folder.
  • All projects use hyperref and biblatex (in case these are relevant).
  • All projects are \documentclass{report}, though hopefully this won't matter.

I am using todonotes to make todo notes for myself which show parts of each document that needs work. This package makes an index of all notes with \listoftodos, which is already very useful. But when each project has its own list of todos, and if I want to ask "which project's todos should I work on today?", I have to open all 5 PDFs and keep alt-tabbing back and forth between them.

I would like one of the following to happen:

  • Every time I compile any of the PDFs in TeXstudio, a 6th PDF is automatically generated which has a list of todos from every project.
  • Whenever I want an up-to-date combined list of todos, I compile a separate document made for this purpose (or run a single non-interactive script) which generates a list of todos. I know that it isn't too difficult to write a C# (or other language) program to grab the relevant pages from each PDF, but perhaps there is a more elegant way.

The combined list of todos should group todos from each project in their own section. I don't care if it doesn't have links (I just want to get, at a glance and in a single step, an idea of what project needs what work done), though the solution shouldn't break the hyperlinked list of todos I already get in each individual document.

There are two related questions I found:

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    Hi! Could you please make two small example documents with some todo notes, that we could fiddle with?
    – yo'
    Sep 6, 2014 at 21:51


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