Sorry for another Friggeri CV-related question, this is the last one. I feel like the solution should be really easy with tikzpicture nodes, but I just cannot make it work...

I am using Friggeri's CV template with the same friggeri-cv.cls (I have only changed all the Helvetica fonts to Arial and added backend=biber to the \RequirePackage{biblatex} line).

What I would like is to place the university logos (the logo is this one, but any image will do) between the 3 lines of text, not at the top. The relevant lines I have been playing with in the friggeri-cv.cls file are the following:

% List environment %

    {\footnotesize\addfontfeature{Color=lightgray} #3}\\%

And my MWE is the following:

%!TEX TS-program = xelatex


% In the aside, each new line forces a line break


    {MSc {\normalfont in this and that}}
    {{\thinfont Specialized in this and that}\\
    Honorary Mention}
    {PhD {\normalfont in other stuff}}
    {{\thinfont Specialized in other stuff}\\
    Honorary Mention}


Which produces this


The images are all set to rest on the baseline. You can maneuver them up or down using a combination of \smash and \raisebox commands. The former removes any impact on the vertical displacement that stems from moving it up/down. The latter is used to move it up or down.

Try, for example,


enter image description here

I don't have Helvetica Neue on my machine.

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