Viewing doc, I realized that there is an option (similar to linestyle=¿handwrited? ;-) ) to simulate handwriting.

Is possible give this aspect to other elements as triangles, poligons, curves, nclines,... ?

enter image description here

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As far as I can remerber the years I used PsTricks, it wasn't possible because there was no linestyle for this.

In Metapost I used for straight lines :

% Ligne à main levée
% a,b sont les extrémités
% torture controle la déformation
def mainlevee(expr a,b,torture) =
    (a{dir (angle(b-a)+torture)}..{dir (angle(b-a)+torture)}b) enddef ;

With Tikz :

(and more here Simulating hand-drawn lines)


\tikzset{handmade/.style={rounded corners=.1pt,decoration={random steps,segment length=1pt,amplitude=.25pt},decorate}}

\draw [help lines] grid (3,2);
\draw [handmade,fill=red!15,very thin]
(0,0) -- (3,1) arc (0:180:1.5 and 1) --cycle;

enter image description here

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