I would like to attach a file to a PDF document. I've discovered the attachfile and attachfile2 packages. How should I choose which of those to use? Is there a general rule of thumb (e.g., "always use attachfile2, it is strictly better")?

I've read the documentation and the changelogs, but I'm still fuzzy on how to choose between them.

  • attachfile2 is the package more up to date and extends attachfile, so I would say, use the newer one. – user31729 Jun 1 '14 at 19:08

Package attachfile2 is based on attachfile. The latter package is loaded by the former. attachfile2 adds features (in comparison to attachfile 2005/02/20 v1.2):

  • New driver options dvips, dvipdfmx, xetex, driverfallback.
  • New options final and draft.
  • Option scale for scaling the annotation rectangle.
  • Options file and nofile (for controlling the generation of .atfi).
  • New option ucfilespec for file names with characters outside ASCII.
  • Wider range of color specifications (even more, if package xcolor is loaded).
  • Meta data about the files are collected by the Perl script pdfatfi.pl and populates the file parameter dictionary in the PDF file.
  • Bug fixes.

See the documentation of package attachfile2.

I haven't checked, whether there are changes of attachfile since 2005 that affects attachfile2.

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