I was sure to find the answer to this rightaway, but somehow it didn't show up. I'm trying to add an organization as an author with "and" inside the name. Like:

    author = {Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)},

this should show up as: Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). (2011). etc...

I'm using the apacite package.

    author = {{Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)}},

in this case the author must be handled as one group.


You can include name components in an additional set of braces to stop bibtex's processing. So, try {{Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)}}.


As an alternative, you can also define a string (useful for if you are going to have multiple sources (or repetitious uses) from the same "author." For example:

@String { SEC = {{Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)}} }
% Strings should be placed at the head of the *.bib file

@MISC {secfindings
    Author       = SEC,
    Institution  = SEC,
    Organization = SEC

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