I am trying to use the American Institute of Physics latex template but for some reason some greek letters and other math symbols are not working. Maybe it's my pc. So below is a aipproc document class file for you to check where pi, infinity and Omega are not rendered properly.

    ,final            % use final for the camera ready runs
%%  ,draft            % use draft while you are working on the paper
%%  ,numberedheadings % uncomment this option for numbered sections
%%  ,                 % add further options here if necessary

\usepackage{amsfonts} %mathbb
\usepackage{amssymb, amsmath}

%\usepackage{amsfonts, amsthm, latexsym}
%\usepackage{amssymb,amsmath, graphicx}

\title{why are greeks and other symbols failing?}

\keywords      {}

% \author{<author1>}{
%   address={<author1 address>}
% }

%  address={<common address for author2 and author3>}

  address={Department of Applied Mathematics}
 % ,altaddress={<author1 address>} % additional visiting address



Pi: $\pi$, Infinity: $\infty$, Omega: $\Omega$


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the answer cited in my comment explains why the times and mathptmx font packages are obsolete and should not be used. they have been superseded by mathptmx.

the aipproc class defaults to mathptmx. by overriding that, you have caused the math fonts to stop working properly.

remove the line


then you will get this result:

output of corrected example code

aipproc.cls and associated package files are not included in tex live, so to perform this test, i had to go to the aip web site to download them. it is possible that you are using an old version of the package. you should check for this possibility.


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