I used R to get different plots. I saved them as pdf. I went to my tex. file and I used \includegraphics command. The plot came but it does not have labels on, that is, x-labels, y-labels and title-labels. Please advice.


Whithout a minimal working example (see I've just been asked to write a minimal example, what is that?) is hard to guess the problem, but a way to overcome this problem and simplify your work is use Sweave (or knitr). Briefly:

1) First, you can make a file.Rnw like this:

Some \LaTeX{} text.
plot(uptake~conc, xlab="x label", ylab="y label", main="The main label")

2) Then, compile it with R to obtain a file.tex:

R CMD Sweave file.Rnw

3) Finally, Compile your file.tex as usual to obtain file.pdf.

For simple files as the above MWE, or a working preview, where just one pdflatex compilation is enough, you can omit the step 3 and use the--pdf option in 2:

R CMD Sweave --pdf file.Rnw

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