How would I add labels to the following xypic?

  1 \ar@<-.5ex>[r] \ar@<.5ex>[r] & 2.

I would like to add a \alpha_1 above the top arrow and a \alpha_2 below the bottom arrow.

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    \ar@<-.5ex>[r]_{\alpha_2} \ar@<.5ex>[r]^{\alpha_1} – Sigur Jun 7 '14 at 0:29
% arara: pdflatex 


\ar@<-.5ex>[r]_{\alpha_2} \ar@<.5ex>[r]^{\alpha_1} & 2
\arrow[shift left=.7ex]{r}{\alpha_1} \arrow[shift right=.7ex]{r}[below]{\alpha_2}& 2

enter image description here

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