I am new to LaTeX and LyX. For writing my thesis I got 2 files from university: uw_masters_thesis.sty and sample_thesis.tex. The sample file contains \usepackage{uw_masters_thesis} in preamble. If I use LaTex I simply put both files in same directory and include child documents by using \include or \input in the sample_thesis.tex document.
The embedded objects manual in LyX suggests to specify the Document Class of master document in child document. But in my case the document class is Report (Standard Class). In my understanding, what uses the style file is the \usepackage{uw_masters_thesis} in preamble.
I am creating thesis chapters (child documents) in lyx without specifying any thing in Document Stettings. I want them to use the style provided by .sty file and finally include all of them in master document. How can I achieve this in Lyx. Please suggest a step by step solution.

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If I understand you correctly, the only thing you need to do is to place the .sty file in the same folder as your .lyx file, and then go to Document --> Settings --> LaTeX preamble, and add \usepackage{uw_masters_thesis}. You probably need to do this for each child document.

(This could depend on how sample_thesis.tex is set up as well. See Writing a thesis in Lyx using a Latex Template - What am I doing wrong? for an example of a similar situation.)

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