So, as far as I understand, I can use the tabularx package to make auto-width tables with text wrap.

Also, there is supertabular which allows me to make tables span across pages.

How do I make a table that:

  1. Occupies the whole page horizontally.
  2. Spans across multiple pages preserving its header.
  3. Automatically selects certain column widths. tabularx's X-style.
  4. Wraps text in the columns.


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    ltxtable.sty (I'm sure this is a duplicate) – David Carlisle Jun 9 '14 at 18:48

THe ltablex package does that: you typeset a tabularx environmentas usual, but with \ caption command inside the envvironment, and the possibility to use \endhead, \endfirsthead, endfoot, \endlastfoot as in a longtable environment. You have to compile twice.

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  • Thank you, exactly what is needed. It is much simpler than ltxtable, which requires table to be put in a separate file. – Mikhail Orlov Jun 10 '14 at 8:56

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