I am very new to latex and I am trying to use the chemscheme package to help with my compound numbering (which seems to be working ok so far) but I am having trouble with the actual scheme numbering within my chapters.

I would like to have my schemes numbered continuously throughout the document, so that it begins at scheme 1, scheme 2 ... etc (rather than what is currently happening with scheme 1.1, scheme 1.2...etc). I'm sure there is probably a very simple way to do this, but my searching hasn't helped so far. I read in another post about using the chngcntr package followed by the counterwithout commands (see: here) - however, when I tried this, it told me that schemes were not a counter and didn't really work.

Here is a test file that reproduces what I am talking about below (I realise that a lot of the included packages are probably unimportant for you to reproduce the issue, but it seems like every time I change the preamble something new pops up that annoys me).

\documentclass[11 pt]{report}
%                  Packages

\usepackage[a4paper, scale=1.0, textwidth=145mm, textheight=237mm, layoutvoffset=0pt,   layouthoffset=0pt, ignoremp, includehead, marginparsep=0pt, bottom=4cm, top=2cm, left=4cm, right=2.5cm, verbose=true, bindingoffset=0pt]{geometry} 
\usepackage[toc, page, header]{appendix} 



\label{ch:introduction} % label for referring to chapter in other parts of the thesis
Filling in later

Ketone \compound{cmpd:ketone} blah blah to acid chloride \compound{cmpd:acid}.



Looks like this in the end

Thank you.


You need to do two things

  1. Alter the display of the scheme number
  2. Stop the scheme number resetting with the chapter

The first item needs just a \renewcommand, the second is best done using the chngcntr package:




  \caption{A scheme}

\chapter{Second chapter}

  \caption{A scheme}


(The same applies to 'standard' float types.)

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