I am trying to the following in a beamer presentation.

Slide 1: This is
Slide 2: This is a test
Slide 3: This is BLUEBOXa testBLUEBOX

(BLUEBOXa testBLUEBOX should be written "a test" with a blue box around it.)

Here's my MWE:



  This is
  a test\\
  {This is\tikz[baseline]{
    \node[fill=blue!20,anchor=base] (t1)
    {a test};}

First two slides are okay, but I don't know how to make the third slide turn blue after a pause command. Does it make sense to use PGF/TikZ here? Is there an easier way?


Does the following approach work for you?




        This is \pause
        \tcbox[colback=white,colframe=mycolor,nobeforeafter,tcbox raise base]{a test}

enter image description here

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