I'm new to Ubuntu (using 12.04) coming from OS-X 10.8 and .9.

I've been using LaTeX on OS-X using the TeXWorks editor. When I tried to install TeXLive on Ubuntu 12.4 it seems to have installed okay (at least, Synaptic insists it is installed) but I can't find TeX anywhere.

Do I have to use a not-TeX-aware to get to TeX (and Lilypond, etc)? Or do I have to change away from Unity?

I know this is a really low-level question, but I'm a little flummoxed at this point. What is the point of a desktop environment if everything has to be done via scripts?

  • Welcome to the site! It's typically best to follow the instructions in How to install "vanilla" TeXLive on Debian or Ubuntu? Having said that, you can test if you have TeX and friends installed by opening up a terminal and typing tex or pdflatex followed by return – cmhughes Jun 11 '14 at 5:15
  • Although not being a friend of such TeX-IDEs, how about TeXMaker if you prefer a graphical interface? – user31729 Jun 11 '14 at 6:15
  • Synaptic probably isn't lying. Try typing which tex in a terminal to confirm that it is installed. The next question is then: which editor to use? There are dozens of editors, including (according to Apt) one called 'texworks', which you should be able to install using Synaptic or, via command line, sudo apt-get install texworks. Whether that one is the same as the OSX one, however, I don't know. My unasked for advice is: use Emacs (with AUCTeX). – jon Jun 11 '14 at 6:20
  • The OP is probably looking for a TeX Live entry in the menu. @user48148 do you know how to open a terminal? Look for it in the menus or search for it using the dash. Once you open it, what is the output of pdflatex --version ? – scottkosty Jun 11 '14 at 20:01
  • To all: Thanks for the assistance. TeX is in fact installed. I've installed TeXMaker and it all seems to be working now. I use TeXMaker on my Macs, but that doesn't seem to be available on Ubuntu. @jon: As far as emacs goes, I'm a little leery of it but I suppose I ought to get over that. – user48148 Jun 11 '14 at 23:15

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