Biblatex is configured so that all author names are written in small caps and microtype is set to to adjust the spacing between the small cap letters a la

\SetTracking{ encoding = *, shape = sc }{ 45 } 

and this working pretty well for the document as well as the bibliography, alas it doesn't work for footcites. Is there a way to apply this spacing also for footcites?

What I tried, is

\SetTracking[ context = footcite]{ encoding = *, shape = sc }{ 45 }
\SetTracking[ context = footnote]{ encoding = *, shape = sc }{ 45 }

but it had no effect.

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    Please post a Minimal Working Example i.e. a complete, small document demonstrating the issue. – cfr Jun 15 '14 at 3:19


% arara: pdflatex 
\SetTracking{ encoding = *, font = sc }{ 400 } 
      author    =   {Wurschtel, Willi},
      title     =   {Wiener Würstchen und Bockwurst},
      journal   =   {Brühwurst und andere Leckereien},
      year      =   2015,
      pages     =   {32--39},
      number    =   4}
Die letzten Worte von \citeauthor{wurscht}: \enquote{Wer will warme
    \textsc{Wiener Würstchen}?}\footcite[S.~23]{wurscht}

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