Here is my issue. The code below, which I found on a pdf devoted to memoir class title pages, compiles to form this:

enter image description here

Unfortunately, the Table of Contents is a bit too low for my liking. I'm hoping its an easy fix to figure out the, maybe, header spacing?...Although the header isn't mentioned anywhere in the code. I was hoping to fit the ToC all on one page.

%title page environment
\newcommand*{\titleSI}{\begingroup% Sagas
\drop = 0.025\textheight
{\Huge EXCERPTS}\\[\baselineskip]
{\Huge \itshape{from}}\\[\baselineskip]
{\Huge THE LETTERS OF}\\[\baselineskip]
{\Huge EARNEST A. RAYMOND}\\[\baselineskip]
{\Huge \itshape{to}}\\[\baselineskip]
{\Huge HIS CHILDREN}\\[3\baselineskip]
{\Large \textit{Arranged by} \textsc{Sarah Raymond Dean}}\\
{\Large \textit{Digitized by} \textsc{John Maxwell Dunn}}\par
{\Large Written 1932 - Digitized 2014}\\[\baselineskip]

% Title Page


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Set \cftbeforechapskip to a smaller and possibly stretchable value. (not quite sure if I spelled it correctly. It controls the spacing above chapter entries in the toc. Also you might want to use \tableofcontents* as it will not add it self to the toc.






which enlarges the contentspage.

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