I want to add a separate pdf file in the appendix of my thesis. \includepdf is not working as I'm not using pdflatex due to constraint of some block diagrams (PStricks package). I am forced to use ps to dvi to pdf configuration. Can any one tell me how to include pdf file in this configuration? Thanks in advance.



Driver dvips neither supports the inclusion of PDF files nor the inclusion of multi-page PostScript files. It supports Encapsulated PostScript files, which have one page exactly.

A PDF file can be converted to EPS files, one per page. Example: foo.pdf with two pages is converted by pdftops (of xpdf/poppler):

pdftops -eps -f 1 -l 1 foo.pdf foo1.eps
pdftops -eps -f 2 -l 2 foo.pdf foo2.eps

Instead of


either several \includepdf for each page can be used (depending on the options) or \includepdfmerge:


The warning

Package pdfpages Warning: Page selections not supported by driver dvips on input line 4.

can be ignored as long as the code does not need to select pages (via pages=...).


Package pst-pdf supports pstricks in pdfLaTeX. It puts the PostScript stuff into a container. The container is compiled via latex/dvips/ps2pdf to PDF and then in the pdflatex run the PDF container is used instead of the PostScript images.


Basically, dvips can handle postscript but not PDF, and pdflatex can handle PDF but not postscript. This either/or is unlikely to go away.

Therefore, to first order, the two options are to convert your PDF files to postscript and use dvips (which is surely possible, but I haven't had to go there, so can't offer more specific advice), or to convert your postscript files to PDF. The latter is probably a better idea in general, but is complicated by the fact that you're using pstricks.

There is a pdftricks package, which is intended to provide pstricks support for pdftex. That should make it possible for you to convert your existing postscript files to PDF, and start using pdftricks with pdf(la)tex.

That's probably The Right Thing To Do, long term, but depending on what stage your thesis is at, and how many figures you have that use pstricks, it may be infeasible. I mention it only to raise the possibility, and to doubt that there is a solution which works around the necessity of making a choice one way of the other. You'd probably be best to re-ask the question on https://tex.stackexchange.com/ with this in mind.

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