I am trying to create a presentation in LyX using Beamer. I am using LyX 2.1.0. I created a new document, and selected Document -> Settings -> Document Class -> Presentations -> Beamer.

Then, I tried to add a new slide using the LyX section selector.

I selected Frame. This allowed me to create the first frame, give it a title, and write the content for the first frame. However, I can't work out how to insert the second frame. Or rather, I can't work out how to end the first frame which would then allow me to start the next frame.

How do you create multiple Beamer slides in LyX 2.1.0?


Hit Alt + PEnter (Edit -> Start new environment) or Alt + PShift+Enter (Edit -> Start new parent environment), depending on whether you are in an environment inside the frame or not.

These are shortcuts that insert a Separator environment and start a new frame.

This is described in Help --> Specific Manuals -> Beamer Presentations.

enter image description here

  • Holy cow that has lots of crap. What's the idea of NOT inserting the separator with Frame command right away? I lost 50% of my last 10% of 10 hairs on my head because of this. – biocyberman Nov 26 '14 at 15:00
  • I actually overlooked the Beamer help file. If you are still wondering basic questions, it is a MUST that you check out the Beamer Introduction at Help -> Specific Manuals -> Beamer Presentations. At the end of the document, you can also find the link to the more advanced documentation. – biocyberman Nov 26 '14 at 17:02

A slide or Frame in LyX consists of a Frame heading followed by contents and then a separator. So first select the Frame tag from the drop down list and give it a title Then fill in the Contents of the Frame and in the end select a separator from the drop down list at the top right corner. You can repeat this process to create as many slides/Frames as you like.

Here is a beginner's Video about starting a Presentation in LyX using the Beamer Class. Hope this helps you out. Beginners Presentation with LyX using Beamer

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