I have successfully run through the tutorial for using SDAPS with a LATEX survey to generate forms with tick boxes that a participant can fill out and I can scan and extract the data. However, I cannot figure out how to generate unique surveys with a different bar code on each one. Has anyone else done this? I can just get one survey.

In the tutorial for the software, I read the following:

' If we make each printout unique using a "Questionnaire-ID" then we would need to use the "stamp" command to create the printable document. You can try this by setting the "print_questionnaire_id" option before creating the survey directory.'

I'm not sure if this "print_questionnaire_id" is in the LATEX or outside the latex when creating the PDFS...


It is an option for the "sdaps" LaTeX document class.

That means you'd put it among your other options like this:

\documentclass[english, pdf, pagemark, stamp, print_questionnaire_id]{sdaps}

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